Story Time

A Story Time intro by Matthew, made from various sources.

Bleeding Silver

Written by Olivia, read by Olivia and Kathleen.
Published 19/08/2011.

(Two voices, one story. Two events, one outcome?)
Also by Olivia:

Lost in Confusion

Written by Josh, with recording assistance by Eliza.
Published 23/08/2011

(Johnathan has lost his dad but he's not sure where to look or who to ask.
When he finally meets something that could help he realises this thing isn't with him its against him!
Now he needs to find Dad as long as things don't kill him first. )
Also by Josh:

The Deluge (Chapter 1)

Written by Eliza.
Published 25/08/2011

Also by Eliza:

The Deluge (Chapter 2: Door to a New World)

Written by Eliza.
Published 26/08/2011

Also by Eliza:

Fair Kate Donald (Chapter 1)

Written by Kathleen, with recording assistance by Olivia.
Published 27/08/2011

Also by Kathleen:

The Box

Written by Caitlin, read by Caitlin.
Published 6/12/2011.

(A mysterious box?)
Also by Caitlin: My Quiet Life

The Box

Written by Savant, read by Savant.
Published 14/12/2011.

(A boring day takes an interesting turn.)
Also by Savant: My Big Adventure


The Loch Ard Tragedy Stories:

The Other Survivour

Written by Cecily, introduced by Eliza and read by Cecily.
Published 10/12/2011.

(Tom and Eva weren't the only survivours of the Loch Ard tragedy)
Also by Cecily or Eliza: The Deluge

My Quiet Life

Written by Caitlin, read by Caitlin.
Published 12/12/2011.

(A once quiet life is rocked by the Loch Ard tragedy)
Also by Caitlin: The Box

Crying, Singing, Shouting

Written by Zoe, read by Zoe.
Published 14/12/2011.

(One survivour's unique prospective of the Loch Ard tragedy)
Also by Zoe:

The Last Thing I Remember

Written by Sofia, read by Sofia.
Published 14/12/2011.

(A journey for a new life ends tragically aboard the Loch Ard)
Also by Sofia:

The Anchor's Life

Written by Shannon, read by Shannon.
Published 14/12/2011.

(Not only the passengers were destined never to make it to shore)
Also by Shannon:

My Big Adventure

Written by Savant, read by Savant.
Published 14/12/2011.

( )
Also by Savant:

Heading to Australia

Written by Gemma, read by Gemma.
Published 14/12/2011.

( )
Also by Gemma: